O que aprendi (com a Esquire)

A Esquire, que existe há mais de oitenta anos, tem uma seção chamada ‘What I’ve Learned’, ou O Que Aprendi, em português. A ideia é uma conversa com o entrevistado, sobre a vida, histórias, e que depois é colocada em primeira pessoa, sem o formato clássico pergunta-resposta.

Quase todo mundo passou por lá. O lado bom é que não é difícil encontrar no site deles vários desses depoimentos. Selecionei alguns da turma da música e escolhi um trecho de cada. Para a íntegra, é só clicar no nome. Para todos – da música e do resto – é só clicar aqui.

ps.: este link também é interessante, porque separa frases épicas por assunto, e não por personagem.

* * *

Sonny Rollins – Look at Coltrane. Coltrane, at the end, all he was talking about was spiritual things. That’s the kind of music he was trying to play. That’s where he was at. The goal is not to be one person off the stage and another person on the stage. The goal is to be a complete circle.

B.B. King I’m a country boy. I love nature. I don’t need all the fancy things, the fancy automobiles, the fancy this and that. I have a nice car, a Mercedes. And then I have an old El Camino truck that I’m crazy about. I like to get in that truck and go up in the hills near where I live, in Vegas, and take my camera. That to me is heaven, being out in nature, taking pictures of the wildlife.

Thom Yorke – Respect is if you’re having a political argument with someone, just before you get to the point where you call them a fascist, you sort of step back and wonder how on earth they’ve ended up at this point of complete ignorance and stupidity.

Ray Charles – I’m a firm believer in God himself, but that’s as far as I can go. I’m not any denomination. I’m not Catholic or Presbyterian or Baptist or Methodist or Jewish or Muslim. I’m none of those things. And I’m sure that’s just fine with God.

Ornette Coleman – Difference between sex and love? Well, you’re not always sure you’re in love. But when you’re having sex, there’s really no mistaking it.


Keith Richards – Electric is another instrument. Yeah, it looks the same and you’ve got to make the same moves, but you have to learn how to tame the beast. Because it is a monster.

                             – There’s this perennial thing that people have — how do you do it? Why do you do it? Like it’s — what do you do? How do you go to an office every day? Compared to that, my job is easy.

                             – I occasionally borrow pot from my kids. They do a little weed occasionally. “Here, Dad” — or more likely, “Dad, have you got any?”

Ozzy Osbourne – When I heard “She Loves You,” my world went up like a shooting star. It was a divine experience. The planets changed. I used to fantasize that Paul McCartney would marry my sister. Sorry, folks, it’s John, Paul, George, and Ringo, not Paul, John, George, and Ringo.

Eminem – Within the last year, I started learning how to not be so angry about things, learning how to count my fucking blessings instead. By doing that, I’ve become a happier person, instead of all this self-loathing I was doing for a while.

Snoop Dogg – My momma gave me the name. I used to love Peanuts and Charlie Brown — Snoopy was my favorite cartoon character growing up. I watched so much, I started to look like him.

                        – Fatherhood is more than a job, it’s more than a responsibility. It’s a lifestyle. You gotta be prepared to live it.

                        – I performed at a bar mitzvah. And I’m telling you, man, these little motherfuckers, they were singing my shit, they was cussin’, they were singing the dirty version. I’m talking about twelve- and thirteen-year-old little white kids singin’ this real gangsta shit. Man. I was shocked. I just gave them the mic and let them motherfuckers go.



* * *


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